Deck Oven Features

312-1 deck

Ideal for a variety of cooking and baking applications including pizza, bread, cookies, bakery products, roasting meats & poultry, fish & seafoods and much more.

Many models to choose from. Ovens can be single, double or triple stacked. Door opening full size of deck. Available with refractory hearth or steel deck.

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-Stainless Steel door, front and sides
-Ovens can be single, double or triple stacked
-Energy efficient heat distribution for consistent cooking results
-Door opening full size of deck
-Thermally insulated for low energy consumption
-Refractory hearth stone (1-1/2" (38mm)) over metal undersheets with 1-1/2" (38mm) air space over heat source to create an even baking temperature
-Optional Steel Deck for baking options
-Long life super efficient stainless steel tubular burners every 12" for even heating
-Gas models are available in Natural or Propane gas
-Electric models are available in 208V/3ph or 220-240V/1ph


Deck Ovens can be double or triple stacked

deck 315-2

Open deck oven can be stacked on a regular deck oven

open deck stack

All deck ovens are available in color



Open Deck Ovens are available in S/S or Red Exterior

312SS-OB front page312SS-OB

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